• Published 2/6/2019

How To Make Big Referral Commissions

Its true that most accountants are looking for the big payday. They usually acheive this through the means of their clients support however; did you know that as an accountant you can help your clients earn more revenue and make a huge commission for it?

Syndicate Lenders is prepared to pay accountants commissions for leads that you provide and fund with us. This process is relatively easy. Simply Register with us and wait for an email from one of our agents. They will provide you with a username and password to login.

Here is a list of 3 strategies for making a big referral commission:

Refurbishing Old Equipment / Purchasing New Equipment

Most restaurant, construction, or manufacturing businesses have a need for some type of equipment. Some of the equipment needed to do a job can be very expensive. It is much more cost effective to simply refurbish broken equipment rather than replacing it with new. Guess what? We provide the money needed to do this and you can make a large commission from it.

Expanding The Business

Clients may move to a bigger location, buy a new commercial property, or simply renovate. Either way, you as an accountant have an opportunity to make a big commission. Few small to medium sized businesses make enough profit fast enough to cover the expense of expansion alone. Let us help them find a reasonable business loan and you can make a big commission on the deal.

Organized Referrals

You may think that referring multiple clients will earn you a big commission but, organizing the order of submissions can double your earnings. With us after a certain amount of funded referrals your commission percentage increases. Obviously it would be a lot more profitable to refer the lower funding amounts first.